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These Guys are awesome!! They loaded my garage filled with stacked files (about 50 boxes), toys, old furniture and other junk in less than 45 minutes. They even swept out my garage and put the leaves in the Trash. Great Service at a Great Price!!

Just Trash It! Junk Removal replied on 10-19-2010
Thanks - we were thrilled to get your stacked files to the recycling and shredding for you, as well. Always a pleasure to work with great clients!

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Why Do We Recycle?


Recycling the junk we pick up almost always costs us operationally - in time, resources spent and logistics.  However, we always do it.  Why?

recycling metalWell, to be real about it - because we care that there is more and more potential recycling going into landfills every single day - and while we can't make sure others don't damage our environment more, we can do our part and take as much recycling as possible to the proper facilities.

You see, currently, there are over 5 million tons of waste being generated each week in the USA alone.  5 million tons!  And groups like Greenpeace and Environmental USA tell us almost 1/3 of that waste could be recycled.

Do we get EVERY item into the recycling that we could?  Probably not - but we sure do try to make it happen for you, for us and for the planet.

Bulky Junk Items - Pianos, Hot Tubs and Chest Freezers, oh my...


When you have large, bulky junk items that need to be removed from your home - pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, chest freezers, old large screen tv's - and so much more - many people feel they can "do it themselves."  However, there are issues with DIY removals - and here they are:

droppedpiano1.  Oftentimes, getting the items out of the house/off the deck is harder than you'd think.  While it is great to have friends over to help move some furniture or help do some work - removing a piano or a hot tub is much more lifting than most people are accustomed to.  We've seen and cleaned up after the aftermath of quite a few DIY removals - and it "ain't that pretty at all" to quote Warren Zevon.

2.  You're going to need a truck.....a large truck, most likely.  Simply put, most pickups will not handle a hot tub or a piano and smaller pickups sometimes won't fit chest freezers or old large screen televisions.

3.  Many landfills now require a commercial account.  If you don't have one, you don't dump.  Period.  Others, you can pay cash for the dump - but is almost always a minimum charge - of at least $40, and often much more if you have a heavy item.

4.  Husbands, friends and other folks are often not able to disassemble the hot tub, freezer, or piano to remove the metal and other recyclable materials - meaning that you are putting much more in the landfill than you would need to.  If this matters to you, it is another issue.

5.  Same thing goes for disconnecting the hot tub - you want someone who has experience with the water heater, with the electrical connections and with the water pumps - and how to properly disconnect those.  We've seen some disasters on the DIY side of unhooking hot tubs, as well.

6.  The potential for someone getting hurt with a large item being removed (especially if drinking is involved at all - as in "let's move this out after the game is over, and the beers are gone") is pretty high, honestly.  Not really worth the problems it can cause, when you can hire someone who is insured, bonded and ready to work.

All in all, there are a veriety of reasons to fill out our form and contact us about your bulky item removal needs.  Be it a freezer, hot tub, piano, or other bulky item (Playground Equipment, Trampoline, Treadmill, Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Swingset, Sandbox, Chest Freezer, Refrigerator, riding mower, e-waste, computers, printers, monitors, game consoles, stereos, big screen and other tv's, fridges, A/C units, freezers, washers, dryers and hot water heaters)

What is the biggest junk product that could be recycled?


We go to the sanitation stations every single day - and see so much junk being dropped off that can be recycled.  So, what is most detrimental culprit? 

While there are many, the idea that metal, which will not break down and can so easily be recycled - is so prominent, is sad.  The good part is, the transfer stations pull it out, along with the electronics and many other items - and make sure they are recycled.  The worst things are the items that can't be recycled - but that still end up in the landfill.

When we load our trucks, we work to keep metal, paper and other recyclables in manners that we can easily sort and seperate them for recycling later.  We've done everything from helping a law office and architect close up shop and shred/recycle all the paper they had accumulated - to helping a medical facility clean up - and taking the metal to be recycled.  We love to do our part, and lately, have been recycling over 80% of the items we pick up that can be recycled.

We'd love to help you clean up, get rid of the junk you have - and still recycle as much as possible - give us a call and let us stop by and help you with your junk removal needs in Atlanta.

Junk In The Trunk - What is the Cost of Taking Your Own Garbage Out?


So, you've decided to take the initiative and clean out the garage, the basement, the attic or the other spaces you have been wanting to reclaim.  So, where is all the junk going?  What do you do with the things you don't want anymore?  And what is the cost of DIY removal versus calling someone like us?

Well, as an example - all of our services include the labor, the hauling, the dump fees and the fuel.  Our trucks are much larger than anything you're likely to have in your driveway and our guys are used to packing them very well.

If you choose to do the removal yourself, you'll need a big enough truck, or a driveway and neighborhood that will accomodate a roll off dumpster.  You'll be the one to move everything out the that vehicle (more than likely more than a load) and then take it to the sanitation station.  Trouble is, you have to find one that will allow public use, and you need to cover your gas there and back.

On top of that, if you're like most people, you'll end up putting it off until next weekend - for the foreseeable future.

Call us today and we'll come and remove anything you tell us to, pack it well, find anything that can be re-used a new home, recycle anything that we can, and properly dispose of that which we need to.  In crunching the numbers, we're actually rarely much more than it would cost for you to do it yourself - and we take far less effort on your part - and strain on your back.

What is difference between re-use and re-cycled for your junk?


When we say we work with you to re-use or re-cycle a majority of the items we are hauling away, instead of adding junk to the landfill - we get the question "what is re-used - and what is recycled?"

Re-use is either (a) donating the items to an entity that will find a new home for the "former junk" OR (b) finding a different userecycle or re-use for the items once they have been broken down at a recycling plant.  Recycling is often meant to mean the breakdown and re-engineering of a product to the same final product.

Either way, when we tell you we re-use or recycle some 60% of what we pick up, we mean it.  We will often end up making a few different runs during the day - dropping of recyclables to plants, then donatable items to shops and finally, taking what is left to the proper sanitation transfer stations.  There are some items we will also work to find a new home through other channels, such as specialized industry products (medical, automotive, construction to name a few areas we might find a suitable person to acquire the old junk, instead of recycling or dumping the goods.)  We also are adept at making sure old electronics are properly recycled or, if possible, re-used.

Just in the past week or so, we were able to help a commercial building remove and put to re-use several items left next to the dumpster - including scrap metals, pallets and plastics.  We've helped government entities remove, reuse and/or recycle everything from old metal appliances to carpet to cubicle dividers.  We also worked with various homeowners who wanted to make sure their junk becomes someone else's treasure, instead of an eyesore and environmental strain in the dump.  Oftentimes we find furniture, electronics and equipment to be the best re-use candidates.  This is all just in the last 7-10 days.

Call us today to find out how we can help you keep the things you no longer want or need out of the landfill, but still get them out of your storage and living areas.  Thank you!

What qualifies as junk? What and Why We Haul....


Junk means a lot of different things to different people. 

Oftentimes "junk" simply means "things I no longer want."  There may be a move happening, or a life change or a need to create new space.  Oftentimes, garages, basements, attics and sheds are filled with items that are still ok, but are no longer needed by the current owner.  On old couch or reclining chait may be ok to pass along to others, but not what you use yourself anymore.

In many cases, we will try to get your "no longer needed items" labeled "junk" to those who could use them, at thrift stores, or via donation to Goodwill or other charities.  If we need to do some fix up on the items, we might try as well, and then see if we can find the items a home.

Our most popular option is to recycle.  We can often recycle all appliances, car parts (except tires), dry cardboard, car batteries, computers, printers and electronics.

We'll come in, restore your space and do our best to make sure your items do not end up in the landfill.  It is in everyone's best interest to make sure that doesn't happen.  Instead, we donate, re-use, gift or recycle the items and make sure your "junk" is someone else's treasure (or at least not their burden!)

Do you really need it - Will you ever use it again? Is it junk?


As a junk removal company, we often are asked to pick up items, and when we arrive, we find the client has both the items they called about, plus another few that they are unsure of if they want to get rid of or not?  So, we've come up with a few suggestions that might help you decide before you keep things you don't need - or toss something you'll regret - it comes down to asking yourself those ever helpful questions of when, why, who, what - and a new one - will?

1.  When was the last time I used it?

pink bowling ballHave you used this in the past 12 months.  If you haven’t, it’s likely it’ll be that long again, at least, until you think about using it, much less follow through.  Your living space is too valuable to clutter it up with things you may think about once in a blue moon.  That said, if something means a lot to you – take a picture of it, then donate it or get rid of it.

2.  Will I ever need this again? 

disco ballThis is the point at which the disco ball from college - and the bedframe from your second cousin’s bed that you thought might be good in the guest room when the other frame dies – and the bench seat from the VW Bus you wanted to buy someday and restore – all can take refuge in the hands of your junk removal company for better repurposing.

3.  When would I need it?

“I might need it someday” should not be your evaluation tool!    If keeping something will actually HELP you – and you can point to specific instances - then it is ok to do so.  If not, then it’s time to get it out of here!

4.  Why would I need it?

A good rule to measure by is to only keep an item only if it is, “beautiful, unique, very useful, or passionately loved”.  Otherwise, it is just taking up space.  Then the next question – will you fix it and make it useful or beautiful again?  Is it truly unique or loved – and would a picture suffice for memory-keeping sake?

5.  Who would ask me for it?

Most of the time when someone gives you something, it isn’t so they can ‘see it’ the next time they come to visit (unless they are Bilbo Baggins asking for his ring….)  While hanging onto paperwork for the IRS or legal matters is important, most other items do NOT rank well enough to keep.  Storing a couch your parents left you because you don’t want to disrespect them, is not a sign of being courteous.  It is, however, hanging onto junk you don’t need. 

6.  Will the world end if I get rid of this item/these items?

Try to picture the worst thing that could happen if you got rid of this item/items. Seriously?  Let your worst fears out.  We’ll bet the “worst possible outcome” is not too awful.  It almost never is.

So, when you’re ready – with all the items that didn’t pass the “keep or toss” test above – give us a call at 770-314-9867 – and we’ll get you a free estimate on your items.

How We Aid The Environment Doing Junk Removal


It may seem like a contradiction in terms when a junk removal company says it helps the environment, right?  After all, don't we just take your stuff and throw it into the trash dumps?  Well, actually, no, we don't often do that directly.

  • First of all, we will work to recycle as much as we possibly just trash it recycle junkcan of your junk.  We will definitely save all metal, electronics and often paper from going to the landfill.
  • Secondly, we will donate items to Goodwill or other causes if they are in good shape and we can feasibly get to those locations en route between appointments. 

  • Third, we will work with transfer stations and landfills instead of utilizing a dump.  (here's the difference)
  • Fourth, we spend time making sure each pickup we do is arranged in the truck well, to conserve overall gas consumption, road wear and emmissions into the environment.  In other words, where other companies "loose pack" trucks and make multiple trips, we stack, rack and pack and make one trip - saving you money, and us money, time and resources - while making a smaller impact on the environment, as well.

Call us today at 770-314-9867 if you need junk picked up, but want to be more socially responsible than just having it dropped into the cheapest facility without being seperated and recycled.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs - They Are Tricky!


Bed bugs"Sleep tight, don't let the bed-bugs bite...." used to be a sweet, but meaningless thing to say, when encouraging a good night's rest.  However, in the past months, it has taken on a new meaning, as bed-bugs are back - and they are very hard to get rid of without professional help.  Yes, they are real, yes, they bite, yes, they suck blood from YOU and yes, they are nasty!  No, you don't have to use chemicals, no you don't have to spend thousands, and no, you don't want to do it without professional help.

When you are trying to get rid of bed bugs, you don't want to spray down your home with chemicals that could also adversely affect your health, and your family or pets, right?  We have other options to be sure - read on!

What is a bed bug?

bedbugsThey are small insects, colored brown, and flat in shape.  They measure about 1/5 of an inch long (size of apple seed or lentil), and they are visible to the naked eye. They rarely travel in lighted areas, and they do live on or near beds, most often.

Why do they live near beds?

Because that is where their food sleeps - namely, you!  Contrary to myth, they do not need squalor or filth to live.  They only need blood - yours!

Why have they "re-surfaced"?

Bed bugs had been killed off by DDT, but since it has been banned (for good reasons) - and international travel has increased to place bedbugs are still prevelant, we're seeing a resurgence.  Most bed bug outbreaks can be traced to hubs of travel, like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.  Without a mass deterrant (it is down to you, individually now, to deal with them) bed bugs have come back in greater and greater numbers.  There have been massive outbreaks in NYC and growing reports here in Atlanta.

How can I tell I have them?

bedbugs bitesFirst of all, they will likely bite you.  Symptoms of a bed bug bite often include itchy welts and localized swelling.  Unlike other blood suckers, such as mosquitos, bed bugs do not currently carry diseases.

Some other things to look for:  (1) reddish spots of dried blood on your sheets and (2) darker fecal stains in crevices and holes close to the bed.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be tricky.  If your bed is already infested, many people turn to a professional pest control firm, but there are other options that don't use the pesticides.  Dry Vapor Steam is one great option (learn more by contacting us)- chemical free and kills on contact. To get best effects, you need a company with industrial power dry vapor-steam machines.  This will kill eggs and bugs on contact.  Since steam can penetrate mattresses and furniture, the heat will kill them in a couple of seconds.  Again, you need a professional machine to do this in one try.  If you use a "household machine" - you can try to repeat weekly til they are gone, but honestly, they often either don't get and stay hot enough at nozzle point, or they don't penetrate deeply enough to get to the eggs.

Contact us for more information on our new division that handles this type of cleaning.  (also, we help "allergy-proof" your home and can even restore laminate floors and tile/grout without chemicals and eco-friendly.)

How else can I kill bed bugs without harsh pesticides?

  • To kill ones you can see - spray 90% rubbing alcohol on them.  It kills them almost instantly, but won't kill eggs.
  • Bed bugs can’t cross petroleum jelly (or Vaseline) - this may help if you want to lube your bedposts.
  • Sticky tape around bed legs also can work if they come up the frame.
  • Still, the best, and least invasive manner, to kill bedbugs, is to use dry-vapor steam.

How can I stay bed bug free?

  • Vacuum frequently with a sealed HEPA filter vacumn (it must be sealed, and quite frankly, many are not), paying extra-special attention to the crevices and corners in and around the mattress – seams, edges, between mattresses and box springs, corners.  This, along with pre-treating with dry-vapor steam will remove both bed bugs and dust mites, both.
  • Health gurus advise that you leverage the protection of mattress and box springs through zippered covers.  These can be helpful, especially after you've hired a dry vapor steaming company to come and sanitize and kill the bed bugs at the core.  Then wrap and stop worrying about future issues.
  • Remember, bed bugs will hide anywhere they can, usually within the bedroom.  Remove drawers, take apart bed frames, headboards, etc - and clean thoroughly.  Make sure you uncover every possible area for the dry-vapor steam to contact the critters and kill them.

When looking for a junk hauling company, what should you ask?


Well, of course, being that we're a junk hauling company, we may be a little biased on the question you should ask - first of all "is this 'JustTrashIt'?  Seriously, though, if we're not in your city or even if we are, there are some basic questions to be sure you ask so you know what you are getting:

1.  What size are your trucks in cubic feet?  Most companies use trucks that don't require DOT inspections, hence they are smaller.

2. How do you charge for your services?  Most companies charge by total volume in the truck.

3.  Is your company bonded, insured and licensed?  This protects you when workers are in your home and moving heavy objects out of your house.

4.  Can you give me an estimate/range over the phone?  This allows you to know immediately if this type of service is something you would like to further explore.  Many companies will tell you they need to come out to give even an idea - and once they are there - they hope showing up will get the business.  We suggest trying to give a good description of the items and get a range.

5.  Will you hold to your estimate?  Is there anything it doesn't cover?  Oftentimes, there are extra charges for tires, for mattresses, or for computer monitors.  Be sure you know what surcharges are possible if you have these types of items.

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