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These Guys are awesome!! They loaded my garage filled with stacked files (about 50 boxes), toys, old furniture and other junk in less than 45 minutes. They even swept out my garage and put the leaves in the Trash. Great Service at a Great Price!!

Just Trash It! Junk Removal replied on 10-19-2010
Thanks - we were thrilled to get your stacked files to the recycling and shredding for you, as well. Always a pleasure to work with great clients!

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Another Day In the Life of a Junk Man....


Junk Removal can be the kind of job that brings about some amazing stories.  Sometimes those stories involve the off-beat or bizarre items we pick up, sometimes they center on the methods with which we pick up - sometimes on the socially responsible aspects - and yet again, some deal with the time in which it takes to pick them up.

Regardless, my son loves the stories from "a day in the life of a junk man" and always wants me to share them.  So, here come three more interesting stories for your enjoyment.

01 04 03 fullThe most interesting piece of junk ever picked up by justTRASHit - a prosthetic leg, with a shoe attached.  Really!  Company owner, Kevin Copeland, found this at one of his pickups fairly early on in the 13 year history of the company.  "There it was, a leg with a shoe," says Copeland, still somewhat incredulous over the find after many years.

Interesting Methods For Pickup - We recently had a situation that required some innoation on our crew's part.  We had four apartments to clear out - but the main front door to the building was blocked by supplies from the painters, plumbers and other doing rennovation work.  We were able to pull out truck around the back of the complex and lower the items from the 2nd floor decks to the truck below.  This saved us all a second trip and allowed us to quickly clear out all four apartments.

Socially Responsible Hauling - Oftentimes, when we're at the sanitation and transfer stations we see loads of potential recyclabes being dropped off for disposal.  We're alway impressed with how well our local facilities ferret out the metal, the plastics and more - and take those to recycling locations.  We've been known to grab metal from roadsides where people dropped appliances, to make sure it gets to the recycling plant.

Time Is 'Bent' Pickup Story - Sometimes it seems like jobs just fly by - and other times, they can take what feels like forever.  Then there are "timeless" or "timebender" jobs - like this one:  We helped a couple declutter the junk in their Roswell basement - and felt like we'd stepped into a 35 year or less time machine.  Newspapers from 1971.  Championship banners from 1983.  Mugs with awards from 1968.  And much much more - so much, in fact, it took almost a whole day to complete the clearout of just the memorabilia they wanted to let go of!  If we'd taken it all, it could have been a 3 day job.  Simply amazing the things we were seeing.


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